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11. Diego Maradona

Acrylic paint 60 x 60 cm with oil details. Art on canvas. Dull varnish. Unique original. Ready to hang. Free shipping in the European Union.

Pintura acrílica 60 x 60 cm con detalles al óleo. Arte sobre tela. Barniz opaco. Único original.  Listo para colgar. Envíos gratis en la Unión Europea.

Every person on the planet can divide their personal events according to big moments when celebrities were headlines in the media. We all remember very vividly moments in our lives marked by great mass media events, such as the murder of John Lennon, the wedding of Princess Diana, the death of Michael Jackson or Amy Winehause.

Dimensions 60 × 60 × 2.5 cm


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