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06. Michael Jackson Idol

2018. Acrylic paint 60 x 91 cm 2019. Art on canvas. Dull varnish. Unique original. Ready to hang. Free shipping in the European Union.

2018. Pintura acrílica 60 x 91 cm 2019o. Arte sobre tela. Barniz opaco. Único original. Envíos gratis en la Unión Europea.

Every person on the planet can divide their personal events according to big moments when celebrities were headlines in the media. We all remember very vividly moments in our lives marked by great mass media events, such as the murder of John Lennon, the wedding of Princess Diana, the death of Michael Jackson or Amy Winehause. Thus a VISUAL code has been created with the graphic synthesis of these famous faces and has been transferred to the arts as well. A parallel to the pictorial era where the center of art was royalty and religion. This new royalty has been endowed with a series of globalized values, in such a way we can represent the ideal of beauty, intelligence or courage, with a single face for example. It is a code of maximum idealization. Now we must see how this evolves generationally, with the evolution of artificial intelligence and the digitization of reality, we will be able as never before to raise these artificial identities to divine levels, where famous faces will not be affected by age, fatigue, sickness and death. Very exciting new scenarios are coming in this symbolic development, which we are all creating together with famous faces.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 91 × 5 cm

Unique piece.
Material from Germany.


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